User Interface design using Visual C++ programming

One of the main systems in a flight simulator is the ‘Instructor station’. Instructor station helps the user to initiate/control the simulation or to set mission scenarios. Instructor station software also internally handles the communication between different subsystems to ensure real time operation. It also provides the plotting and analysis tools. Instruction station software in most of our available and upcoming simulators are developed using MFC based VC++ programming in Visual Studio environment.


Specifications:  Communication methods such as UDP, shared memory and USB interface, high resolution multimedia timers


Facilities where this technique is used: AMCA basic flight Simulator, Reconfigurable design flight simulator, NALSim ground simulator for Air Force Test Pilot School, Desktop flight simulator


Major mile stones / results of this technique: All newly developed simulators mentioned above use this technique.

Last updated on : 27-09-2020 10:03:18pm