Image registration and fusion

Image registration and fusion

Image registration is pre-request for image fusion. There are many techniques are available in open literature. Control point registration is the best and provides optimum results. Multi Sensor Data Fusion (MSDF) is a mathematical tool that increases the dimensionality of the data space to increase the quality of deduced information. MSDF reduces ambiguity and vulnerability of the system to be processed. Off late, MSDF has been a focus of research area. Still there is possible to improve the MSDF techniques, particularly in image fusion. Multi sensor image fusion (MSIF) has become vital signal processing tool in image processing for improving visual interpretation of various applications such as enhanced vision system, robotic vision & navigation, machine vision, medical diagnosis, surveillance, remote sensing and military. The objective of MSIF is to combine (integrate) the visual information from source images (images to be fused) without introducing any artifacts. Image fusion algorithms and fusion quality evaluation metrics are being developed.




Facilities where this techniques is used


Maor mile stones / results of this technique



Fig: Image fusion scheme that employs multi-scale decomposition

(a). Image obtained from forward looking infrared sensor     (b) Image obtained from low light television


Fig: Image to be fused obtained from dissimilar sensors

Fig: Fused image

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