Bearing health condition monitoring

Bearing health condition monitoring

Condition monitoring is used to dynamically monitor various engine parameters and helps in detecting the faults before a catastrophic failure occurs. Condition monitoring has many divisions such as structural health monitoring, landing gear monitoring, bearing health monitoring, etc. In order to detect the current faults and to predict the future state of the machine, all the above divisions can be integrated, which results in Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM).  Detection of faults in a machine is called Diagnosis. Time domain analysis, frequency domain analysis and time frequency analysis are being developed for bearing health condition monitoring (BHCM) using vibration data. Features are extracted and feature classification techniques are used to find the   faults in ball, inner race and outer race. 




Facilities where this techniques is used


Maor mile stones / results of this technique


Fig: Graphical User Interface (GUI) for time domain analysis

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