Simulation based Virtual Reality

The method of virtual reality for aircraft simulation provides the required cues for the pilot to feel the dynamics of the modeled aircraft. FMCD flight simulators are developed using several systems such as real time aircraft dynamic model, cockpit interfaces, visual cues reproducing out of the visual scenery, audio cues and the control force loading systems. All such systems are integrated together to provide a virtual reality based flight simulation facility.


Specifications: Using model based design techniques, real time operation using Mathworks RTWT and timer cards, open source visualization software such as flight gear and openscenegraph.


Facilities where this technique is used: All the FMCD simulation facilities


Major mile stones / results of this technique: We have developed simulation platforms for aircraft programs such as LCA, SARAS and AMCA. We have also delivered simulators for ASTE test pilot school and Indian Institute of Science.



Last updated on : 27-09-2020 10:03:46pm