Smart material testing facility

Smart material testing facility



Make: Bose Corporation, USA


  1. Computer controlled dynamic testing of materials
  2. Infrared thermal imaging camera
  3. Video extensometer
  4. Installed in a stability chamber 5m x 5m.

Types of tests performed/capabilities:

  1. Displacement, Load & Time control
  2. Sine, triangular, ramp & user defined
  3. Stress analysis, temperature distribution

Unique characteristics/special features:

  1. DC to 100 Hz operating frequency
  2. 5000N (Static) & 3000N (Dynamic)
  3. 412.5mm (Displacement)

Test temperature range: -150°C to 300°C


Make: Tinius-Olsen, UK


Load capacity: 5kN

Temperature: -90°C to 270°C


At ambient conditions : 500mm

Online environmental test conditions: 100mm

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