3D weaving facility

Specifications of 3D weaving facilities at NAL

Multibeam Take-up-at-will 3D weaving loom

Working width : 400 mm

Max thickness achievable with 6k 400 Tex carbon tows – 5 mm

Weave architectures : Noobed and angle interlock

Machine type : Automated loom

3d weaving facility1



Dual plane shedding  based 3D weaving  loom

Preform cross-section possible  : 24 x 24 mm

Weave architecture : Interlaced 3D

Machine type : Manual Loom

Dual plane shedding  based 3D weaving  loom3d-waving-noobed3d-waving-angle-interlock3d-weaving-facility-interlaced-3d


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