X-ray Diffractometer

X-ray Diffraction (XRD) is a high-tech, non-destructive technique ( NDT) for analyzing a wide range of materials, including fluids, metals, minerals, polymers, catalysts, plastics, pharmaceuticals, thin film coatings, ceramics, solar cells and semiconductors.

 XRD has become a vital method for materials investigation, characterization and quality control.


Equipment Details

Key Features

Application Areas

 Model: D8 Advance

 Manufacturer: Bruker

 Ultimate X-ray, machine and electrical safety compliance with latest EU  directives

D8 goniometer

  • Equipped with stepper motors with optical encoder to ensure extremely precise angular values.
  • D8 Goniometer is maintenance free with vertical Theta/2Theta geometry
  • Equal or better than ±0.01° over the whole angular range


  • The high-speed energy-dispersive LYNXEYE XE-T detector uniquely combines fast data collection with unprecedented filtering of fluorescence and  radiation.
  • No parasitic low-angle background scattering, massively improves data quality of samples having a large unit cell.
  • Best peak-to-background enhances sensitivity for minor phases
  • Full quantification of crystalline and amorphous phases with DIFFRAC.TOPAS
  • Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis
  • crystallography, structure analysis
  • Rietveld analysis


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