Chemical Vapour Infiltration (CVI) Reactor

Chemical Vapour Infiltration (CVI) Reactor

CVI Reactor is used to carry out the CVI process, in which the gaseous precursors are transported to the interior of a heated porous preform, allowed them to react at low pressure (1-20 m.Bar) and high temperature (800-1400°C) and form the refractory solid matrix  to density the preform to obtain tough Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC). This facility is established in 2005 and acquired more than a decade of experience in operation and maintenance of the reactor facility.



  Equipment Details

  Key Features

  Application Areas

  • CVI/CVD Reactor suitable for SiC, PyC, BN, B4C, Si3N4 and related materials
  • Top-loading reactor with a working zone 850 mm diameter by 960 mm high
  • All graphite, working zone is suitable for operation up to 1,400ºC at pressures between 1 and 300 mbar.
  • Substrates and components are carried on rotating platform
  • Working Zone : 850 mm diameter x 950 mm height
  • Temperature range: 800-1,400ºC
  • Pressure range : 2-300 m bar
  • Pressure measurement : Absolute pressure transducer
  • Feed gases : Ar, N2, BCl3, NH3, CH4
  •  Feed liquids : CH3SiCl3
  • Flow control : Mass Flow Controllers
  • CMC fabrication (e.g. Cf/SiC, SiCf/SiC, Cf/C, Cf/Si3N4 etc.,)
  • CVD coatings
  • Densification of porous materials obtained from other processes
  • CMC components for strategic sectors (Defence, energy, space, aerospace)
  •  Hybrid composites



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