Fiber heat treatment facility

Fiber heat treatment facility1Fiber heat treatment facility2



















Fiber heat treatment facility3

The division is equipped with a pilot-scale heat treatment facility for continuous conversion of polyacrylonitrile fibers into carbon fibers. The line comprises of fiber un-winders, stabilization oven, pre carbonization furnace, carbonization furnace , graphitization furnace, electrochemical oxidation unit for surface treatment, sizing, fiber dryers and carbon fiber winders. The necessary utilities such as ultra pure nitrogen, cooling water, demineralized water, compressed air are generated in-house. The heat treatment facility is capable of processing up to forty precursor tows of 3k/6k/12k yarn



Heat treatment line speed: up to 1.5 m/min

Carbon fiber winders: 40 nos.

Grade of carbon fibers: Standard modulus grade carbon fibers


Techniques applied in this facility


  1. Thermo-oxidative fiber stabilization
  2. Carbonization and graphitization
  3. Electrochemical oxidation in surface treatment and Sizing


Major clients of this facility: DRDO, VSSC, BARC, MIDHANI, RIL

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