Characterization facility

Characterization facility at CCFP is well equipped with analytical instruments required for polymer, fiber and resin analysis. New techniques/analysis method for characterization have been developed for raw materials, intermediates and end product in the integrated carbon fiber process technology. The impregnating resin for carbon fiber evaluation is also characterized. Capabilities for characterization, imaging and microanalysis offer insights into the development of carbon fiber with improved mechanical properties.  


Techniques applied in this facility


  1. Gravimetric analysis technique
  2. Rheomatric analysis techniques
  3. Compositional analysis technique
  4. Optical analysis technique
  5. Mechanical property analysis technique
  6. Titrimetric analysis technique


Major clients of this facility


Along with the characterization of the in-house materials, The clients include other divisions at NAL, VSSC, DRDO, BARC, ASL, ADE etc.

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