At CTFD, our group has been actively involved in the development of new tools for handling high speed flows to provide accurate and reliable results. In-house RANS code MB-EURANIUM uses the fully 3-D compressible Navier-Stokes equations to model the flow field.  Some of the features which make the code at par with any other structured grid codes in the world include multi-blocking to handle complex geometries and, explicit and implicit time stepping along with host of other methods like residual smoothing, grid sequencing and multigrid for convergence acceleration.  Apart from these the code also has two different turbulence models, the algebraic Baldwin-Lomax model and the one equation Spalart-Allmaras model.  The code also is parallelized using MPI libraries. This code uses an ideal gas assumption. At present we are working on implementation of hybrid RANS/LES techniques such as Detached Eddy Simulation (DES) into the existing codes.  Apart from above in-house code we are also using open-source CFD code SU2 for applications to high-speed flows.

Computations at actual flight conditions for design of  Hypersonic vehicles


Supersonic flow past Ogive Cylinder


Mach Contours for Hypersonic Research Vehicle

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