3D-Purles - Incompressible flow simulations


  • Extensive research in the area of turbulence and transition for incompressible flows
  • The in-house incompressible flow solution code 3D-PURLES (3D parallel multi-block pressure-based finite volume NS code) is capable of handling both external and internal flows.
  • 3D-PURLES is constantly  upgraded with state-of the art techniques to handle the complex flows with better accuracy
  • 3D-PURLES extensively used for various hydrodynamic and low speed aerodynamic problems under different sponsored R & D projects
  • The transition phenomenon in particular for MAV wings are captured using 3D-PURLES
  • Large Eddy Simulations of flow past circular cylinder carried out using 3D-PURLES has captured most of the flow physics encountered in the different flow regimes.
  • The in-house structured grid generation tool which on differential-algebraic hybrid procedure is extensively used for two-dimensional as well as simple three-dimensional geometries
  • Commercial grid generation tool POINTWISE is also used to generate structured gird for complex geometry and unstructured grids
  • The open source CFD tool OpenFOAM has been explored using both structured as well as unstructured grids
  • Detached Eddy Simulation is the ongoing research
  • Research Papers – 6 Journal, 41 Conference, 27 documents

Major features of the in-house code 3D-PURLES

  • Multiblock Structured Boundary-Orthogonal Body-Fitted Curvilinear grids
  • Cell centered with cartesian velocity components
  • Time accurate Implicit  pressure based finite volume approach
  • Second order accurate schemes for spatial and temporal discretisation
  • SIMPLE  algorithm with momentum interpolation for cell centered variables
  • Turbulence models : – k-e,  k-w,  v2f,  SST,  SA
  • Transition models :-  k– kL– ω and g – Reθ SST
  • Large Eddy Simulation – Smagorinsky and Dynamic sub-grid scale models
  • Parallelised using domain decomposition methodology

Turbulence Modelling for  external steady flows

  • Hydrodynamic applications : Submarine Sonar Dome, Torpedoes, Marine propellers, ship hulls with sonar dome
  • DWR Radome Structures , Water tanks
  • Airfoils, wings
  • Aerostat balloons
  • Mav wings and fuselage
  • Impinging jet on a plate
  • Prolate Spheroid at high Re



3D-PURLES simulations  of hydrodynamic problems using k-e turbulence model. These simulations were carried on NAL Flosolver Mk5 super computer .


3D-PURLES simulations using k-e turbulence model could the major features of the complex flow and is found to be in good agreement with IISc measurements


3D-PURLES used to study the performance MAV configurations and the aerodynamic data generated is in good agreement with NAL measurements


3D-PURLES could predict  the primary separation,  secondary separation and aerodynamic coefficients close to the measurement


Turbulence Modelling for  external unsteady flows


  • Bluff bodies – Circular & Square cylinder
  • Radome Structures
  • Airfoil at high angles of attack
  • Low Re airfoils
  • Pitching airfoils
  • Airfoils with leading edge droop


Transition Modelling for external flows


  • Zero and non-zero Flat plate test cases
  • Low Re airfoils used in MAVS
  • 300 and 150mm MAV wings
  • Prolate Spheroid at low Re



Large Eddy Simulation


Steady and Unsteady internal flow


  • Chanel flows
  • S-Ducts with different bent angles and Aspect Ratio
  • Unsteady flow of bluff body in channel
  • T- and Y- junctions
  • Cooling System of Airborne Radar




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