Contact angle analyzer

The instrument is a fully automated video-based system designed on Goniometric Method with Standard Orthogonal Optics for determination of contact angle and wetting properties of simple and complex sample structures. The instrument can measure the following parameters:

  • Static & Dynamic Contact Angle according to Sessile Drop Method

  • The wetting behavior in solid surface

  • Advancing and Receding Contact Angle

  • Surface and Interfacial Tension by Pendant Drop Method 


Model and Make:  OCA 50EC, Data Physics


  • Max. sample dimension : 150 mm X 70 mm (WXH)

  • Sample stage size:100 mm X 100 mm

  • Measuring accuracy of the video system: + 0.1°

  • Measuring range for surface tension and interfacial tensions: 1.0 x 10^2 to 2.0 x 10^3 mN/m

  • Resolution: ± 0.01 mN/m

  • Dispensing type: Automatic high precison direct dosing system without any tubing

Last updated on : 27-08-2021 11:45:31am