Wear tester

Wear tester

Pin on disc wear and friction tester is used to study the tribological properties like wear and friction behavior of materials/coatings in sliding contact. Sliding occurs between a stationary pin and a rotating disc. The variable parameters are normal load, rotational speed and wear track diameter. The frictional force and material loss are monitored using electronic sensors.



Specification of Pin-On-Disc Wear tester



Wear disc diameter/  thickness

: 165 mm / 6 to 8 mm

Pin diameter/length  

: 4 to12 mm/20 to 30 mm

Wear track diameter

: 50 mm to 100 mm

Disc speed

: 200  to 2000 rpm

Normal load

: 10 N to 200 N

Frictional force

: Max. 200 N

Test duration

: Max. 100 hrs

Pin temperature

: Ambient to 200°C



Model & Make: Model CM-9084 & DUCOM

Last updated on : 12-06-2018 11:58:31am