CEM Design Centres

This design and simulation centre is equipped with high end workstations and indigenously developed electromagnetic softwares which can solve various electromagnetic problems such as RCS estimation of air intake ducts and inlets, RCS estimation of electrically very large aerospace structures, structurally integrated/conformal antennas/ Ray propagation analysis inside indoor environment etc. Further the multi-objective intelligent optimization capabilities available at this centre in conjunction with indigenous softwares, enhances in automation of the design procedures which reduces the computational resources and the computation time.


Specifications/ Techniques applied in this facility:

  • HF ray based RCS estimation software for air intake ducts

  • HF Hybrid ray based   estimation software for low RCS design

  • MOPSO based multi-objective optimization software for RAS analysis

  • HF ray tracing techniques for ground based Radome analysis

  • EM design and analysis of low RCS antenna/array

  • EM design and analysis of planar and singly curved radome

  • EM design and analysis of Radar Absorbing Structures (RAS)

  • RCS estimation and control of coated and uncoated objects

  • RCS of phased array

  • Development of adaptive algorithm towards pattern synthesis and probe   

    • EM performance analysis of plasma-based RAS

    • Atmospheric effects on the EM performance characteristics of Radomes

    • FSS Design Center (for Radome, RAS, and Antennas)

    • Radome Design Centre

    • Metamaterials for aerospace applications



Major clients of this facility:           

  • Strategic sector                         (Low observables, Stealth technology, RCS, RAS)

  • Antenna & Microwaves sector (High-gain antennas, RF/ microwave components)

  • THz domain                                 (Security, Imaging/ Scanning)

  • Microwave components            (EMI/ Shielding)

  • Automobile industry                   (Collision avoidance radar - CAR)


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