Integrated Global Bus Avionics Processing System (IGAPS)

IGAPS is an Integrated Modular Avionics based processing system, developed at CSIR-NAL for FAR 25 class of aircraft.

First time in INDIA for  CIVIL aircraft .



  • ARINC 653 based time & memory partitioning.

  • Dual Processing nodes with hot standby feature.

  • Supports simultaneous execution of multiple application  without affecting  the  safety .

  • Dual redundant ARINC 664 interface support .

  • Support up to five ARINC 818 based displays.

  • Support Weather radar data (ARINC 708) and RAW camera input( RS170A).

  • Support XMC based ARINC 429 channels (I/O).

  • Dual redundant VPX based backplane(VITA 46). 

  • FAN based suction type cooling with complete isolated electronics .

  • Capable of multilayer graphics processing with customized OPENGL Sc 1.0  Ideal for 2D and 3D application

  • Dual Oring based power supply handles upto 4 aircraft  power input to the box. 

  • Support upto 16 slots, Important cards are connected to dual power rails.

  • Complies to  DO160G section 16 category I.

Last updated on : 09-11-2020 11:21:47am