Solution polymerization technique

The solution polymerization technique for acrylonitrile polymerization has several advantages over the aqueous slurry polymerization. The main economic advantage is the elimination of polymer separation process, drying and solutioning process. At present this technique is under developmental stage. The monomer along with the suitable co-monomer, solvent (DMSO, DMF or DMAc) along with initiator are charged into the polymerization reactor under a controlled temperature. Typically, longer residence time is required compare to the aqueous slurry polymerization reaction. As the reactor mass becomes viscous with the progress of reaction, the thermal homogenization is crucial for the polymer kinetics.



Mode of Polymerization : Batch

Polymer inherent viscosities: up to 4 dl/g


Facilities where this technique is used: Acrylonitrile polymerization facility (F1)


Major mile stones / results of this technique:


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