Fiber wet spinning technique

Fiber wet spinning technique



Wet spinning of fiber is a form of solution spinning where polymer powder is dissolved in a suitable solvent and the polymer solution is extruded through spinneret into a solvent-non solvent mixture (coagulant). Due to mutual diffusion of solvent and non-solvent, polymer solution coagulates to form fibers. The coagulated fiber, then washed at several stages to remove the trapped solvent, and then stretched under wet and dry condition to achieve desired fiber denier. The fiber also coated with a spin finish solution to improve its handlability.




Wet spinning line capacity: up to 75 m/min line speed

Denier: as fine as 0.75 dpf yarn

Filament count: 3K,6K,12K


Facilities where this technique is used: Fiber spinning facility (F2)


Major mile stones / results of this technique:

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