Gravimetric analysis is a class of lab techniques used to determine the mass or concentration of a substance by measuring a change in mass. At CCFP this is used to determine the moisture content and degree of swelling in the fiber.

To determine the moisture content, the fiber sample is weighed in a beaker and dried to constant weight in an air oven to constant weight. The percentage moisture content is determined from the weight loss.

The degree of swelling in the fiber at various stages of spinning is determined by centrifuging the fiber sample at 2000 RPM for 30 minutes. The weight of the centrifuged fiber is noted down and the fiber is dried to constant weight in air oven. The degree of swelling is calculated from the weight loss.




Facilities where this techniques is used : Acrylonitrile polymerization facility (F1), Fiber spinning facility (F2), Fiber heat treatment facility (F3).


Major mile stones / results of this technique

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