A survey on video stabilization algorithms


1.    Karra Somasekhar Reddy, Lokesha. H and S. Akhila, A survey on video stabilization algorithms, International Journal of Advanced Information Science and Technology, India, June 2012,  Vol.1, No.2 , pp   17-20,  ISSN 2319:2682





People using low-cost hand held cameras are untrained, thus captured videos suffers from severe handshakes and jitters. Hence digital video stabilization algorithm is required to acquire video sequences by removing these unwanted Handshakes and Jitters. There are various approaches used for stabilizing the captured videos.  This paper focuses on different existing methods for video stabilization. It focuses on the motion estimation and smoothing modules and various schemes under it.  This survey provides information about the existing methods and their improvements, hence providing a platform for new researchers for innovating new techniques for further research. 


Keywords—Motion Estimation, Motion Smoothing, Motion Compensation, Video Stabilization.

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