Thermo-Physical Characterization of solid materials.

The Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is an essential property to be measured for knowing the material behaviour as a function of temperature. CTE study plays an important role in the design of air frame and other associated structures using composite materials. They also throw light on the dimensional behaviour of structures subjected to temperature changes. This is a very useful parameter in determining thermal stresses that can occur and cause failure of an aircraft frame when it is subjected to temperature excursion. The test method can be used for research, development, specification acceptance, quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA).




The Linseis horizontal dilatometer series L75H was used to determine the physical properties from RT to 1600°C and capable of measuring the above properties under vacuum or inert atmosphere, a feature essential in preventing unwanted effects of sample oxidization. The dilatometer has built-in automatic pressure control with digital display. The sample holder and the push-rods are made out of same material, to exhibit thermal expansion characteristics within +-1 % of each other. It has exclusive software modules under Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. The complete software consists of 3 modules: temperature control, data acquisition and data evaluation.


Techniques applied in this facility:


T5  -  Determination of thermal properties of solid materials as a function
          of temperature through optimized process parameters.


Major clients of this facility:


ISRO, ADA, HAL, CPRI, Pro-Sim, Kineco, GE and NIE.

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