Balaji’s work is on development of carbon fiber process technology with application as composite structures in aerospace, strategic and industrial sectors. His core focus lies in the conversion of acrylic precursor fibers to carbon fibers.  He is also involved in the spinning of acrylic fibers from the solution of  polyacrylonitrile copolymer. The nature of his work is mostly process planning and implementation along with conceptual modelling on certain specific aspects of the carbonization process of polyacrylonitrile based precursor fiber. His current role is that of Leader - carbon fiber line.

He has been associated with the pilot scale carbon fiber plant facility from its re-commissioning to the equipment modifications/upgradations and the process development. A noteworthy contribution has been his work on modelling of multiple isothermal processing of polyacrylonitrile fiber based on a single dynamic DSC thermogram. This work was applied initially in a pilot scale and later in plant scale and found useful in estimating the thermal response of precursors of a given polymer composition under a predetermined thermal profile.

 He was involved in the transfer of technical know-how to M/s Kemrock Industries and Exports Ltd., Vadodara and participated in the process commissioning at M/s KIEL. He was also associated in the process development of standard modulus grade carbon fibers and its certification by CEMILAC.  His current work is concerned with the process development of higher grades carbon fibers with improved mechanical properties.


Research interests

Carbon fiber development, heat transfer and  advanced materials.

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