Veena S

Veena S

Veena’s research contribution is mainly in the field of digital Signal Processing with a focus towards Active Noise Control (ANC), an adaptive signal processing application to mitigate low frequency noise. She has 17+ years of experience in developing signal algorithms for embedded applications. The research in this area is of experimental in nature and has resulted in design & development of Active Noise Control systems for fighter aircraft helmets, transport aircraft / helicopter headsets, commercial aircraft cabin. The ANC group at NAL is one of its kind in the country and has collaborations with academia and other organizations pursuing ANC.

Her  recent interest is towards application of speech recognition technology for aerospace requirements. One such attempt has resulted in the development of voice controlled Micro Air Vehicle (MAV), which can be further extended to voice activated aircraft cockpit.

She has co-authored 3 books, has 8 SCI journal and 25+ conference publications. She is a member of IEEE.

Research interest

Digital Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence and deep learning, Active Noise Control, Adaptive Signal Processing, Speech processing technologies for control applications in aerospace, Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) analysis, Information security – Encryption and watermarking

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