Vaitheeswaran Iyer S M Dr

Vaitheeswaran Iyer S M Dr


Dr SMV’s research interests have been diverse and interdisciplinary, and have a broad, meandering research path. Over the past few years he has been the Group and Project lead in identifying, executing and establishing some of the cutting edge activities for the Autonomous Unmanned Systems Activities of the Laboratory with Vision as the main sensor modality. While the primary focus of the research has been in the use of vision system for guidance, navigation and control, the studies have also extended to other research areas and innovative solutions to contemporary engineering problems in the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems. He has worked with and developed basic knowledge in embedded systems, electronics, aerodynamics and control solutions to perform system design and integration work in all of the areas before building the unmanned system itself. Work includes designing and building low-latency computer vision as applied to the autonomous navigation of visually-guided ground and mini flying quadrotors in GPS denied environments, Vision Based  Localization, Mission Planning issues for Maritime Patrolling and Surveillance, Vision Based Autolanding Technologies for fixed wing aircrafts and quadrotors, New Preliminary research in Deep Stall Landing using vision, Vision based gimbal control and stabilization, Reactive Path Planning for Collision Avoidance etc. Other Activities include building innovative robotic systems for infrastructure monitoring such as oil-pipelines, soil monitoring etc, GPS Based Targeting and Imaging, GPS Spoofing/Mitigation, DSP Processing Architectures, Sensor Integration/ Fusion, Software Defined Radios for Countermeasure Applications, Fractal Antenna Design etc.



SLAM  for obstacle avoidance and collision detection using monocular vision



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