Sivasakthi M

Sivasakthi M

       I SIVASAKTHI M, have completed bachelor of engineering in Electronics and communication under Anna University.


      I started my career as research fellow in National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore for about 3 years.  I was a developer in a software “sigNAL” a Dynamic tool for Scientific computations. Presently, I am working as a junior Scientist in Aircraft Instrumentation and telemetry for about 6 years. 


     Flight test instrumentation (FTI) is to acquire and analyze the data from the different sub systems of aircraft to validate its functionality .It is also equipped with a recorder during the flight test. FTI  mainly carried out on experimental aircraft, prototype aircraft and development aircraft - both military and civil, and can monitor various parameters from the temperatures of specific components to the speed of the engines.


      A transmitter is added to the FTI system to transmit the real-time data to a ground monitoring station via wireless telemetry link.


       Ground telemetry station receives real-time data from the aircraft and it is presented to telemetry monitoring team specialists from each sub-system of the aircraft such that they can monitor the data.


        In Particular, I am handling the telemetry tracking of SARAS – a 14 seater civilian aircraft to carry out flight testing and I have done validation of both RF and Base Band systems by tracking LCA, DARIN and JAGUAR Flights of ASTE (Aircraft System and Testing Establishment) Air Force Bangalore. Hence the complete telemetry system is ready for low speed, high speed taxi trials and subsequently for flights trials.


      Also, a sophisticated set up has been made at the telemetry to hear the complete cockpit conversation from the aircraft. It is very important during critical flight trials for the aircrew to get the valuable suggestion and go head from the telemetry crew lead i.e., Flight test director.


    I have also involved in the Instrumentation of SARAS and CNM5 (NAL & Mahindra) 5 seater aircraft.


   I had given internship training for the B. tech students Titled “Instrumentation and its application”


 I have received best paper presentation award for the title “End-to-end Flight test instrumentation system of a Light Transport Aircraft” on National women’s science congress conducted by SWADESHI VIJNANA ANDOLANA, Karnataka.

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