Saransh Jain

Saransh Jain

Saransh Jain holds bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIIT Jabalpur and Master’s degree in “Engineering of Structures” from AcSIR. Currently he is working as Scientist with Advanced Composites Division in CSIR-NAL. His work primarily focuses on design and development of composite structures for aerospace applications. His research interests include damage tolerance studies, development of energy absorbing aircraft structures, development of high temperature composites and structural health monitoring.

He is involved in experimental studies on damage tolerance aspects of composite T-joints (healthy and with defects such as disbonds) with full field measurement techniques (i.e. digital image correlation). He has also developed simulations capabilities to understand damage tolerance aspects of co-cured composite structures.

He has been involved in high velocity bird impact experiments on flat panel and leading edge nose skins; various flat plates made of commercial Aluminum, aerospace grade Aluminum and Glass-PPS were tested. Also leading edge nose skins of commercial Aluminum, S-glass and Thermoplastic composites were tested. He has developed simulations capabilities for high velocity bird strike event. He has contributed in developing different material models and analyses techniques (i.e. lagrangian, coupled eulerian lagrangian).

His field of interest also includes structural health monitoring of composite structures. He has developed Finite element modeling and analyses capabilities of composite wing box with disbond and subsequently has developed Algorithms using Artificial Neural Networks for disbond detection and load identification in composite wing structure containing disbond. He has also contributed in development of algorithms for load estimation of Unmanned Air Vehicle ‘Nishant’ using in-flight data.

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