Polagangu James

Polagangu James

A personnel approved by CEMILAC (Center for Military Airworthiness & Certification, DRDO, MoD, GOI) for carrying out stress analysis, design and deviations, development of technical reports, MDI, modifications studies carried out at Advanced Composite Division of  Design Organization M/s. CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, for military/civil/transport applications.


Military /Combat Aircraft


  1. Light Combat Aircraft
  1. Contribution in the area of structural design and finite element analysis of composite fin and rudder of Mk1 LCA Aircraft.
  2. Carrying out analytical study for stress clearance of all production queries, technical snags raised during manufacturing of composite components, machining of metallic parts, installation, assembly, and after completion of flight. Technically contributing for continued flightworthiness of LCA aircraft.
  3. Carried out design Modifications on LCA Mk-1 Fin for Enhanced Productivity.
  4. Carried out feasibility study on design and finite element analysis of S10 Fin of LCA Mk2 for naval applications.
  5. AMCA: Carried out structural design and finite element analysis of Flaperon and Aileron components of AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft).


  1. Composite Wing of SARAS Aircraft
  1. Contributed in the area of structural design based on theoretical methods, Finite element analysis of various metallic and composite components used in the composite wing, fin, and horizontal tail of SARAS Aircraft.
  2. Structural design of test specimens in building block approach for confirming the design of composite wing of SARAS aircraft at crucial location of skin and spar splicing.
  3. Structural design of wing test box consisting of all crucial splice joints simulating the critical stress field from global wing structure. The box undergone all critical design load cases during static testing confirming to strength and stability criterions.
  4. Contact analysis of links, brackets, fittings, and other metallic parts connecting control surfaces of SARAS composite wing.
  5. Redesigning of composite wing by removing co-cured intersapr ribs and mechanically fastened to the skins and spar members. Redesign carried out for the critical design load cases redefined as per FAR 23 regulations.


       C. Feasibility studies of future civil aircraft programs from G.O. I

  1. Carried out feasibility study on crashworthy analysis of RTA (Regional Transport Aircraft, a proposed aircraft program by G.o.I.) metallic fuselage using finite element analysis tools RADIOSS solver and HyperCrash.
  2. Carried feasibility study on structural design and finite element analysis of composite fin and horizontal tail of NCAD (National Civil Aircraft Development Program, a program proposed by G.o.I). The content of this work formed two chapters in the feasibility study report submitted to government of India for consideration.

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