Dr Senthilkumar Palaniswamy

Dr Senthilkumar Palaniswamy

Dr. Senthilkumar Palaniswamy is a Principal Scientist whose expertise is in the area of Electronics and Control with applications to Aerospace structure and Renewable energy.

His research areas of interest include active vibration control using Piezo actuators, shape memory alloy based deployment mechanisms, shape control, smart repair device, low cycle fatigue studies and carbon nano tube based strain sensor. Currently engaged in development of hybrid controller for wind-solar based renewable energy systems. He is also working on development of techniques for failure prediction of shape memory alloy.

He has experience on fluid flow research such as Health Monitoring of Check valve, Multi phase flow meter using gamma rays, Vibration studies on Sparger Tubes. This expertise has been utilized for flow measurement and information management for Cauvery Water Supply & Sewerage Board (now known as BWSSB).


Research Interest

Smart Materials and Structure- Structural Morphing, Shape Control and Vibration Control

Renewable Energy- Wind-Solar Hybrid and Piezo Energy Harvesting

Integrated Vehicle Health Management

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