Dr G Sivakumar

Dr G Sivakumar

Dr G Sivakumar joined CSIR-NAL in the year 2004, since then he is actively involved in the R & D activities germane to aviation meteorology.  Dr Sivakumar is currently working as a Senior Principal Scientist & Project Leader and has an enriched research experience in the field of Aviation Meteorology & Airport Instrumentation over a time boundary of around 20 years.

Dr Sivakumar’s core research work embraces Aviation Meteorology, Airport Instrumentation, Weather Instruments, Embedded Systems, Sensors, Electronics, Instrumentation, Communication & Software

Dr Sivakumar has contributed profusely in the successful development of Indigenous Aviation Meteorological Instruments viz., Drishti Transmissometer, AWOS, NAviMet, etc., to cater our country's Strategic & Civilian airfield requirements.  These Indigenous outcomes has not only proved our self-reliance but also kept the imports at its bay, thus saving huge Foreign Exchange to our nation.

In the academic front, he holds a Bachelor degree in Electronics & Instrumentation from University of Madras with distinction and an Integrated PhD from Visvesvaraya Technological University in the field of Weather Observing Systems.

Dr Sivakumar has been honoured with many prestigious awards for his outstanding contributions, to list a few, CSIR-NAL Young Scientist Award, CSIR Technology Award, NRDC Best Innovation Award, IETE Corporate Award.  He holds plethora of Copyrights, Patent, SCI Publications and Trademarks in his IPR repository.  In addition, Dr Sivakumar has been conferred as Fellow by IETE and IEI for his scientific contribution



Core Competency & Research Areas

  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Airport Instrumentation
  • Sensors & Signal Processing
  • Embedded Systems
  • LabVIEW
  • Communication


List of Notable Awards/Honours

  •  “Best Alumni Award” by Arunai Engineering College, Thiruvannamalai (TN), 2022
  • “Certificate of Honour”, by IEEE - Bangalore Chapter & TIE for the exemplary contribution in the development of Indigenous Instruments in the field of Aviation Meteorological Instruments in the year 2021
  • “Certificate of Acknowledgement”, by IISc – ISOI, Bangalore for the Outstanding contribution in Design & Development of Indigenous Aviation Meteorological Instruments, 2021
  • “Young Scientist Award”, by CSIR-NAL, 2014-15
  • “Laboratory’s Nomination for CSIR Young Scientist Award 2017”, by CSIR-NAL, 2017
  • “Best Poster Award”, awarded by CSIR-NAL Pensioners Association, 2017
  • “Technology Award for Innovation”, by CSIR, 2016
  • “Make in India for Excellence Award”, by Krazy Mantra, 2015
  • “Application of the Year Award”, by National Instruments, 2014
  • “System Engineering Award”, by National Instruments, 2014
  • “Diamond Jubilee Corporate award”, by Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (IETE), 2013
  • “Technovation Award Most Innovative product”, by Indian   
    Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA), 2013
  • “India Meritorious Invention Award”, awarded by National Research
    Development Corporation (NRDC), 2012
  • “Best Innovation Award”, awarded by CSIR-NAL, 2012
  • “Indigenization award”, awarded by The Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI), 2007
  • “Second Prize for Best Paper”, awarded by National Instruments, 2006


Technology Transfer

  • Drishti Transmissometer Technology to M/s Central Electronics Limited (CEL), Ghaziabad, New Delhi
  • Drishti Transmissometer Technology to M/s Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL), Bengaluru


Memorandum of Understanding

  • India Meteorological Department (IMD)
  • Indian Air Force (IAF)
  • Central Electronics Limited (CEL)



  • “Visibility Measuring Device”, Indian patent 0084NF2015/20.03.2015, V Shubha, G Sivakumar, A Arul Paligan, R Krishnamurthy




  • Drishti Transmissometer, No. 2622473, dt. 01.11.2013
  • NAviMet, 005TM2022, dt. 18.08.2022



  • “Embedded based Remote Monitoring Station for Live Streaming of Temperature and Humidity”, IEEE Explore Digital Library, 2017, DOI:10.1109/ICEECCOT.2017.8284683, Sourabh Halder, G Sivakumar
  • “Real Time Indian Airports Visibility Information over Web from Indigenous Drishti Transmissometer”, IEEE Explore Digital Library, 2017, DOI:10.1109/ICEECCOT.2017.8284634, G Sivakumar, V Shubha, V Mahesh, Arun K Vats, Narendra Nigam, K N Mohan,
  • “FPGA based portable Embedded Real Time Humidity and Temperature Measuring system”, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Vol 4, Special Issue 2, pp 51-53, G.Sivakumar, V Shubha, K N Mohan, A Arul Paligan, R Krishnamurthy
  • “Performance study of Drishti transmissometer at CAT IIIB airport”, Mausam Journal, Vol 66, Oct 2015, pp 713-718, K N Mohan, A Arul Paligan, G.Sivakumar, R Krishnamurthy, V Shubha, Uday Shinde, R R Mali, M K Bhatnagar



(Copyrights Granted/Filed under Intellectual Property (IPR) Division, CSIR – New Delhi)


  • “Drishti Soft (Single Station)”, SW-4491/2010, G Sivakumar, T G Ramesh,
  • “Drishti Soft (Multi Station)”, SW-4490/2010, G Sivakumar, T G Ramesh
  • “Post Data Analysis Software”, 042CR2011, G Sivakumar, V Shubha, T G Ramesh
  • “Drishti Software for Chopperless Model Software”, 043CR2011, G Sivakumar, V Shubha, T G Ramesh
  • “Digital Filter Design for FPGA platform Software”, 04CR2011, G Sivakumar, V Shubha, T G Ramesh
  • “Drishti Calibration Software”, 041CR2011, G Sivakumar, V Shubha, T G Ramesh
  • “Integrated RVR – CWIS Software”, 028CR2013, G Sivakumar, V Shubha
  • “Integrated Drishti Software for IGI Airport”, 029CR2013, G Sivakumar, V Shubha
  • “Unique - Multiple On-Line data Communication Tool”, SW-12176/2019, G Sivakumar, V Shubha
  • “Multiple Code based Anti-Piration “D- Protect” Software for DRISHTI”, SW-12175/2019, G Sivakumar, V Shubha
  • “Integrated Drishti Remote Display Soft. for IGI Airport”, SW-12177/2019, G Sivakumar, V Shubha
  • “Web Publishing Software”, SW-9982/2018, G Sivakumar, V Shubha


Professional Memberships


  • Fellow of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE)
  • Fellow of Institution of Engineers India (IEI)


Senior Member

  • Senior Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - Information Theory Society (2021-22)
  • Senior Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - Circuits & Systems Society (2021-22)


Life Member

  • Indian Society for Advancement of Materials & Process Engineering (ISAMPE)
  • Luminescence Society of India (LSI)
  • Member of International Association of Engineers (IAENG)
  • India Meteorological Society (IMS)


Associate Member

  • Associate of Karnataka Science and Technology Academy



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