Augustin M J

Augustin M J

Augustin M.J. is Senior Scientist at Advanced Composites Division, involved in the development of structural health monitoring and process monitoring technologies for the composite aircraft structures. His research interests involve use of fiber optic sensors for the Structural Health Monitoring of composite aircraft structures, in flight SHM instrumentation, development of methodologies for surface damage detection using image processing, development of process monitoring methodologies for the composite fabrication like VERITy and prepreg based layup. He was involved in various projects like Fiber Optic based Resin Flow front monitoring for VERITy process, Disbond detection using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors and demonstration on a box structure , Flight instrumentation for NISHANT UAV and in flight strain measurement, Impact detection (location and force) using strain response from the structure etc.


His current research includes use of Fiber Optic Sensors(FBG sensors and Distributed Fiber Optic sensors)) for aircraft, design and integration of SHM instrumentation, Algorithm Development for the structural damage, Image Processing for surface damage detection, 3D Point Cloud processing for the foreign body detection during prepreg lay up in composite fabrication and Structural Health Monitoring applications.


Augustin M.J. holds Masters in Technology in Electronic and Communication with specialization Opto-Electronics and Optical Communication (2008) from Department of Opto electronics University of Kerala, M.Sc. in Physics with Electronics as specialization (2003) B.Sc. in Physics (2001) from K.E Collage Mannanam affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. He also holds Bachelors in Education and is having few years of teaching experience. He was a visiting student of Raman Research as the part of M.Tech. thesis. During this period, he worked on Automation of intense light matter experiments like Z-scan for characterizing the Nonlinear Optical Materials and Translation control for Laser Plasma studies.


He joined Advanced Composites Division (ACD), CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories in the year 2009 as Post Graduate Project Trainee and continued working on Structural Health Monitoring projects in the division as Project Engineer, Quick Hire Scientist, Project Scientist and Senior Scientist.  His research efforts has led to One Patent (filed), One Copy right for software, Four Journal papers and several national and international conference papers and technical documents. He is a National Instrument Certified LabVIEW Developer and a life member of (Indian society for Advancement of materials and Processing Engineering) ISAMPE. He was team member for various awards like ISAMPE Award for the Smart Material and Technology Development 2011, NI Engineering Impact Award runners up 2014 and NI Engineering Impact Award 2016.

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