Dr Venkatakrishnan’s main interests are in flow diagnostics, flow control and aeroacoustics and in developing new measurement methodologies as well as techniques for launch vehicle noise suppression. His research is in the area of non-intrusive flow diagnostics as applied to understanding flow physics and flow control. Particular thrust areas involve the application of short duration illumination and high speed/resolution imaging for obtaining surface pressure and off-body density and velocity fields. In addition, methods for reducing flow-induced or aeroacoustic noise in the context of rocket lift-off where the benefits of using passive methods and active water injection methods have been extensively studied and applied.

One of his major interests is to measure quantitative density fields instantaneously and with a simple low-hardware method. This  enables for the first time, acquisition of data earlier considered extremely difficult to obtain and provides improved understanding of the flow physics in complex aerospace applications.

A recent focus has been the usage of sound and shock waves to track projectiles in flight wherein both lab and field experiments have resulted in development of real-life usable systems and devices for detection of hit location of subsonic and supersonic projectiles. More recently, work is underway to understand the flow behaviour of fluidic oscillators as a device for flow separation control, by leveraging diagnostic capability for improved design and performance of such devices.


Research Interest(s)

Non-intrusive flow diagnostics for pressure, density and velocity fields and suppression of aeroacoustic noise.

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