Enhanced Fatigue Meter (eFM)

Enhanced fatigue meter is the latest state of art system with a microprocessor and MEMS accelerometer, which monitors the fatigue life of aircraft by computing the 'g' crossings and the fatigue index.


Physical Dimensions

 Dimension : 135x96x115mm

      Weight : 1.2 Kg

         Color : Black Anodized

    Material : Aluminum Alloy




  • Senses the ‘g’ peaks and troughs for determining the fatigue index

  • Configurable to accept ‘g’ input from both internal as well as external accelerometer

  • Onsite flight configuration by authorized crew using the system or  PC

  • USB interfaces for data milking and communication between Unit and PC.

  • ARINC429 and RS422 for communication between eFM and other LRUs

  • Capable of storing minimum 300 flight data (2 G bytes) and expandable.



Defence, Civil and UAV.


eFM logs the peak & trough data and the continuous ‘g’ data with time stamp which helps maintenance crew to determine the aircraft structural fatigue & generate the ‘g’ profile of a sortie with minimum logs of data.

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