Pulse Thermography based Non Destructive Evaluation

Infrared Pulse Thermography is a non-contact, non-intrusive NDE technique that is widely used for the inspection of aircraft structures. The technique employs a burst of high intensity thermal excitation to launch a thermal wave into the material for the detection of flaws within the material. This technique is most suited for the inspection of thin composite structures and honeycomb structures.


Echotherm Pulse Thermography system from Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc., USA

Facilities where this technique is used

NDE facility for inspection of composite aircraft structures and components at both manufacturing facility and at hangar for in-situ inspection


Major mile stones / results of this technique

Detection of various kinds of defects in composite structures and components such as delamination’s, disbonds, impact damage, foreign material inclusions, areas of resin rich/starvation, bond quality variations, etc.,

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