Swapna L is working as scientist in Design Section of National Trisonic Aerodynamic Facilities of CSIR- National Aerospace Laboratories. She earned her M.E. degree in machine design. She joined NAL as a junior scientist in 2008 and is currently working as scientist. She is involved in the design of Support systems, Design of scaled down wind tunnel models, design of six component force transducers and rigs.


Her focus of work is on the design of scaled models for high speed wind tunnel, Integral Balances, Special Supports systems.  She has developed some special supports like High alpha supports, offset sting supports, bent sting, beta support, dorsal strut support and six degree of freedom manual rig. She has executed many national important projects on wind tunnel models for DRDO- DRDL, RCI, VSSC, to develop control laws and for configuration aerodynamics at design stage and its upgradations. She has also designed a miniature six component force measuring instrument called integral balance for measuring the forces and moments on the stores, to assess the safe release from the aircraft. She has carried out research on “optimisation of the metric elements” of the miniature force transducers with unconventional shapes to increase the sensitivity and reduce interactions. She has developed a formulation to estimate model annular gap and deflection constants for the model- balance- sting combination.

Her interests of research are in the development of miniature balances, special kind of balances, rigs.

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