Suriyanarayanan’s major research interest is in application of non-intrusive flow diagnostic tools and in characterization of spray droplets. Furthermore, his interests is in the area of flow separation control as applied to bluff bodies and in developing new flow control strategies using vortex generators. His other research area are shock-boundary layer interactions at hypersonic flows and low Reynolds number flows. His research is predominantly experimental in nature pertaining to application of flow diagnostic tools to understand flow physics.

One of his research interest is to characterize the velocity field and spray droplet for industrial gas turbine and aero gas turbine engine combustion chamber and after-burner injectors and agricultural pesticide sprayers. Correlations for jet penetration trajectory were modelled for efficient location of the injectors. Other major interests is to measure the three dimensional density over elliptic cone and characterize the density field of a blast wave.

His recent research focuses on developing new strategies in mitigating the flow separation and to minimize the swirl inside the typical submerged air intake for better compressor efficiency. More recently, preliminary work is underway in generating blast wave and it’s mitigation strategies with regard to launch vehicle loads during lift-off.


Research Interest(s)

Non-intrusive flow diagnostics for density, velocity fields, droplet characterization and flow control of bluff bodies and submerged intakes.

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