Joined the organization in the year 1994 as Scientist ‘B’, with Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

During her initial period from 1994 to 2004, she was involved and associated with research and developmental projects on axial flow compressors sponsored by AR&DB, GTRE, HAL and International collaborative works as an active participant. These projects were mainly concerned with experimental performance evaluation of transonic axial flow compressors along with studies on various advanced measurement techniques in turbomachines for steady and unsteady flow conditions. She was also engaged in the design, fabrication and calibration of aerodynamic probes, rakes and thermocouples which were required for the experimental studies.

During 2004, she joined NITK, Surathkal to pursue and acquire Master’s degree in the field of Heat Power Engineering. From the period 2007 onwards she is involved with Computational Fluid Dynamics on compressors using commercial software FLUENT and ASSYS.

During her 23 years of tenure in the organization in different roles such as Team member, Co-investigator, Project leader and Facility In-charge; she has been actively involved in the research activities pertaining to control of rotating stall in axial flow compressor, casing treatments and vortex generators, development of high pressure ratio axial fan stage with advanced blade technologies, calibration of Helicopter engine bell mouths, calibration of combination probes, Design and development of mixed flow compressor for a small gas turbine engine.

Currently, she is the facility In-charge of Axial Flow Compressor Rig (AFCR) and responsible for the regular maintenance and augmentation of AFCR for undertaking projects.

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