Sathia Narayanan works majorly on flow problems related to combat aircrafts. His research is about understanding the flow over  weapon bay and shock wave boundary layer interaction. He applies both passive and active control techniques to alleviate the aerodynamic problems due to flow separation and self sustained oscillations.

 Apart from these, he has been actively working on the development of tools for the high spatial resolution surface pressure measurement. He uses pressure sensitive paint which offers to measure surface pressure distribution on complex bodies where conventional pressure tap based measurements are not possible and the required information cannot be provided at the desired spatial resolution.

His major focus in recent years has been the development of hardware and software for the spatio-temporal surface pressure measurement using unsteady pressure sensitive paint. He aims to gather information on surface in the form of steady and unsteady pressure field which is equivalent to the data obtained by populating thousands of pressure transducers on the surface. This is the first of such effort in the country to obtain surface pressure field at high spatio-temporal resolution.


Research Interest

Weapon bay cavity flow, shock wave boundary layer interaction, pressure sensitive paint, active and passive flow control. test

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