Dr Raveendranath U Nair is actively involved in a variety of fields pertaining to “Electromagnetics for Aerospace Applications”. These activities include electromagnetic design and analysis of radomes, design and development of FSS based structures for airborne platforms, radar cross section (RCS) studies, design and development of artificially engineered materials etc. He has contributed significantly to the National Radome Programs including Doppler Weather Radar (DWR) radome installed at SHAAR Sreeharikota, Fire Control Radar (FCR) radome for Jaguar aircraft, Astra missile ceramic radome, nosecone radome for Saras aircraft, multiband radomes for TU-142M aircraft etc. Novel EM designs like variable thickness radome (VTR) and hybrid VTR have been developed as part of the above mentioned projects. Further, he has developed techniques to modify the conventional radome wall configurations for high performance airborne radomes with the inclusion of wire grids/ meshes, anisotropic materials, resonant or semi-resonant inclusions, frequency selective surfaces (FSS). Further, Dr Nair has contributed to the international collaborative project entitled “RF Field Simulation in Aircraft Cabin” between CEM CSIR-NAL and Boeing USA.

Currently he is coordinating research activities of CEM division regarding high performance radome designs based on FSS structures/ functionally graded materials (FGM), RCS studies, Metamaterial Technology, High performance antennas based on FSS/ Metasurfaces, RAS structures, EM Material Characterization Techniques, EM Measurements based on free-space systems etc.

Dr R U Nair has authored/co-authored over 200 research publications including peer reviewed journal papers, symposium papers and technical reports. He has co-authored a chapter in a book “Sensors Update” published by Wiley-VCH, Germany, in 2000. The electromagnetic (EM) material characterization techniques developed for his doctoral work were included in the section “Perturbation Theory” in RF and Microwave Encyclopedia (Vol. 4) published by John-Wiley & Sons, USA in 2005. He has published a Springer Brief entitled “Electromagnetic Characterization Techniques for Metamaterials” in 2017.

Dr R U Nair received the CSIR-NAL Excellence in Research Award (2007-2008) for his contributions to the EM design of variable thickness airborne radomes. He took key responsibilities in setting-up of three major national facilities (Adaptive Antenna Facility, FSS Characterization Facility, and Electromagnetic Materials Applications Facility) at CEM, CSIR-NAL, Bangalore. He is a Professor of the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), New Delhi. He is also a reviewer of prestigious international journals like IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, IET Electronics Letters etc.


Research Interest


Computational Electromagnetics (CEM), Complex Media Electromagnetics (CME), Antennas, Radomes, Electromagnetic Scattering, Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS), Microwave Measurements

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