Mrs. Rashmi Hundekari, is a Senior Scientist working in design and stress analysis group of Centre for Civil Aircraft Design and Development (C-CADD), CSIR-NAL, with particular focus on safety assessment of aircraft structure, in the event of uncontained engine rotor and propeller blade failure. Her work areas include design and structural analysis of aircraft components, using conventional strength of material and finite element method approach, load estimations and design documentation for certification

Her research predominantly includes numerical studies on low velocity and high velocity impacts on aircraft structures. A key element of her research, spanning more than 5 years of her simulation work, is the study of ballistic impacts on Al, Ti-Al, Steel, CFRP and GFRP composite plates and prediction of ballistic limits. She has also worked on fatigue life and fatigue damage assessment of principal structural element, In During her 11 years of service at CSIR-NAL, she  has worked for SARAS, HANSA & Microlight aircraft projects. She was part of microlight aircraft design team, and exclusively was involved in the design of light weight tubular crew seat and has performed crashworthiness analysis for seat and seat support structure using FEM.

Academics: Mrs. Rashmi Hundekari has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Shivaji University, Maharashtra and a Master’s degree in Aerospace engineering form Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. She has guided six students for M.Tech. thesis and six students for undergraduate project work


Research Interest:

Aircraft safety, Foreign object impacts on the aircraft, Ballistic impacts and Shielding, Crashworthiness of aircrafts and Optimization of Aircraft Structural Designs

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