Rangaraj L Dr

Rangaraj L Dr

L Rangaraj is a Senior Principal Scientist in the Materials Science Division at CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL), Bengaluru. He graduated with a B.E. degree in Ceramic and Cement Technology from Poojya Doddappa Appa College of Engineering, Gulbarga University, Karnataka in the year 1991. He joined CSIR-NAL in the year 1994. He obtained M.Sc (Engg.) and PhD (Engg.) from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru in the year 2003 and 2009, respectively. At CSIR-NAL, initially worked in the area of high pressure–high temperature synthesis of wurtzite boron nitride-based composites for cutting tool applications. Followed by this, he has been actively working in the area of reactive processing of various monolithic non-oxide ceramics and also ceramic composites under moderate pressure and temperatures. The materials studied are aluminium nitride (AlN), transition metal borides (TiB2, ZrB2), carbides (TiC, ZrC), nitride (TiN), silicon carbide (SiC), titanium silicon/aluminum carbide (Ti3SiC2, Ti2AlC, Ti3AlC2). Presently he is involved in Cf/based ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), polymer derived ceramics (PDCs), MAX phase ceramics, Hard ceramic composites and metal-matrix composites (MMCs). He has mainly contributed to reduce the sintering (densification) temperature for non-oxide ceramic materials by different novel approaches.  


Research Interests

Low temperature reactive processing of ultra-high temperature non-oxide ceramic composites, hard ceramic composites, MAX phase composites, ceramic matrix composites, metal matrix composites, polymer derived ceramics, mechanical and tribolological behaviour of ceramics/composites.

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