Synthesis and fabrication of nanomaterials,Bloomsbury


 Synthesis and fabrication of nanomaterials,Bloomsbury Publications 2015, ISBN: 978-93-85436-76-5




Properties like excellent shape memory, hydrolysis and microbial resistmce photo stability and biocompatibility; make polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMG) based Me memory polyurethams (SMPUs), a candidate adaptive material in many important fields like   textiles etc. [15}. But their application as a structural material is limited owing to their low  transition temperanne (Tg) and broader transrtron range. Although a great deal of research [6-9] been carried out in the development of polyether based SMPUs but high triggering temperature   shape memory performance remains a challenge yet. High Tg of shape memory polymer  associated with high glassy state modulus that contributes to the dimensional stability ofthe  made by them. A broad range of glass transition results in less stable/incomplete shape ashram shape recovery, and/or slower shape recovery[10]. In this work, PTMG based SMPUs with  high Tg have been synthesized and the effect of molecular weight (MW) of polyol m  and shape memory properties of SMPUs have been investigated.

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