Mr. Omkara Babu L is presently working as a Scientist in the C-CADD Tooling Group, CSIR-NAL. He did his B.Tech (Mechanical) from JNTU College of Engineering, Hyderabad in 2000 and completed his M.E.(Tool Design) in CITD,from the Osmania University, Hyderabad in 2006.

His vast experience is in the domain of Design and Development for AerospaceAutomative Subsystems and Systems. His industrial domain in product is in using UNIGRAPHICS, CATIA V5, SC03, Q-Checker and TEAM CENTER.

He has undergone specialized training in the following key areas:


  • CATIA-V5, Q-Checker trained by Educational Specialists of EDS and Airbus standards.
  • Customized software CAD Fix, SC03 trained from the Institution.
  • Trained on the JLPT (Level-4) &Isuzu standards from Aithcrew, Japan.
  • Trained in SAP-PLM, check mate, Inventor


His expertise spans across multi-dimensional areas, namely: Immense capabality of Layout, Design, Setting and Inspection of Assembly Jigs, Drill jigs, Weld jigs, Gauges- ICY, Transfer, Reference, Aperture, Locators and Templates. Design of Ground handling equipments, Design of Staking tools and special tools like Hand Reamers, Cutters, Spot Facers, etc. Release of drawings for Tool Fabrication and its follow up till its realization.

He is capable of executing the Assembly and Sub-Assembly jigs of project LCA for refueling probe, MLG door(aft), FT testing, VT, Rudder and Manufacturing, Assembly and Structural testing of LCA (navy) NLG Jack Bracket Assembly – np1/np2 standards.

Added to this he is capable of carrying and implementing various 3D modeling and 2D detailing of Aero engine components. Development of Worst case layouts  and stack up analysis of Aero engine Components & Assembly using 3D software. Generate preliminary 2D & 3D meshing using Customized software. Investigation of existing tolerance and effect of replaced new tolerance with other mating component. Parametric Modeling from Catia V4 to V5 using piston Empreinte modeling methodology.

He is also involved in the Design and Development of Reciprocating &Rotary compressors and to complete the 3D-model of the design as per guidelines from TDC, Tooling of Grass cutter engines, Conversion of Condensing units from 2D to 3D Using NX efficiently to create the new concepts. Preparation of Bill of Material and providing drawings that help in manufacturer get new products to market faster Design.

In the area of 3D modelling, he is involved in design changes of Interiors like Cabin, Roof, Transmission, Interiors and Exteriors of BIW Assy., Doors & Trims, Chassis, piping systems etc, and, conversion of manual drawings into 3-D models and creation of detailed drafting for complete assembly and run the deliverables thru GM toolkit, Q-checker.

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