Mr. Nagarajappa B is working as a Senior Scientist at Structural Technologies Division of CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, India. He has received his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from UBDTCE Davangere and Completed M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from NITK, Surathkal. He has been working in the area of impact and crashworthiness research of aircraft structures since he joined NAL in 2016. He has expertise in design and development of test rigs for impact and crashworthiness studies like air gun test facilities for bird impact testing, drop towers for energy absorption studies, structural design and analysis and expertise in testing and data analysis and signal processing for  high velocity impact tests like bird/ice impact testing on aircraft structures, low velocity impact testing for energy absorption studies, sled testing, high strain rate material characterization using Split Hopkinson pressure bar, whole body vibration studies for safety and comfort of occupants and airbags/seat belts testing. He has Contributed to the major national programs of  ISRO, DRDO, ADA,HAL and CSIR-NAL and external sponsored  from BELL Helicopters, Honeywell, GE Aviation and GE Global research, UTC Aerospace, Team Indus etc. He has made significant contributions towards national importance aircraft development/upgrade programs such as SARAS , IJT bird strike testing. He has also guided many B Tech and M Tech students in the area of impact and crashworthiness studies. He has received following awards and appreciations for his contribution:

  1. The “Special Certificate of Merit and Appreciation” Award is awarded for the year 2009-10 in the category of “Technology Shield for Outstanding Group Achievement”

    For “Successful Completion of Iron Bird Drop Test including Development of a Test Rig and on schedule completion”.

  2. Appreciation shield from Honeywell on successfully completing bird ingestion testing on HTF7000fan.

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