Murugan S

Murugan S

Murugan is working in the field of testing, analysis and control of noise and vibration of Aerospace structures and other industrial components since 25 years.

His work is primarily concerned with the acoustic testing of Indian spacecraft and launch vehicle subsystems to qualify them for acoustic environment.  He has abundant experience in simulation of  noise spectra and vibration response analysis of various launch vehicles and its payloads.  He is one of the team members in the  development of high intensity high frequency noise source that has been implemented at acoustic test facilities across the globe.  Currently he is working on the development of high intensity wide band noise source.

He has worked on modal analysis of medium and large sized aerospace structures and prediction of vibration response due to acoustic loading using computational  methods.

He has designed, built and commissioned a 1500 cubic meter reverberant acoustic chamber for testing sophisticated spacecraft and presently working on a 2500 cubic meter reverberant acoustic chamber for testing launch vehicle subsystems that involves chamber sizing, noise source power estimation, design of exponential horns, concrete door, gas/air supply systems, pneumatic control systems, acoustic drive, etc.,

He is also one of the team members for noise measurements and certification of industrial  and scientific products.


Research Interest


Reverberant acoustics, high intensity wide band noise generators,

Vibro-acoustic response predictions and noise control techniques.


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