Dr. Mrudula G, a Ph. D in Atmospheric Sciences is working as Principal Scientist in Centre for Electromagnetics, CSIR-NAL since May 2015. Prior to that she was working in the Flosolver unit of CSIR-NAL.  Before joining CSIR-NAL, she was associated with the Radar Development Group of ISRO.


She was involved in research and development of Doppler weather radar products and making algorithms for primary and secondary Doppler weather radar derived products during her association with ISRO. During her tenure in Flosolver unit, she was mainly focusing on improving the Varsha General Circulation Model (GCM) and its forecasts for better accuracy by improving the physical schemes. She was also involved in the verification of the forecasts and modifications in the code. She is currently involved in the development of a boundary layer module for National Monsoon Mission and in the research on better monsoon forecasts in association with University of Leeds, University of Reading and UK Meteorological office.


At Centre for Electromagnetics, she is involved in the EM characterization of materials and is working on the atmospheric effects on the EM properties.  Dr. Mrudula has published papers in various areas of atmospheric sciences, mainly in radar techniques, atmospheric physics and atmospheric modelling.


Research Interests


Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics

Numerical Weather Prediction/Modelling

Atmospheric Electromagnetics

Computational techniques

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