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Manabendra Manindrakumar De is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate with Post Graduation in Turbo Machines from SVNIT, Gujarat. He is presently pursuing his Doctoral Research in Computational Fluid Dynamics of Flapping wing from IIT, Madras.

De’s research is concerned with fundamental and applied aerodynamics with application to Renewable Energy. Particular focus areas are wind turbine blade aerodynamic design and analysis and flapping wing aerodynamics. His research is predominantly numerical but includes experimental studies, often in collaboration with other groups of the division.

The key element of his research, spanning more than 10 years, is the study of wind turbine rotor aerodynamics and augmentation devices for improving the performance of the wind turbine blades. This apart, he also pursues study of bionic shapes to explore the possibility of using them for harnessing wind energy. A recent focus of his research has been the aerodynamics of low-Reynolds number flapping wings where fundamental numerical simulations have been employed to understand the effect of gust on the unsteady force production of insect sized flapping wing.


Research Interest

Wind Turbine Aerodynamics, Flapping Wing Aerodynamics, Bionic Augmented devices and Bio-inspired Wind Turbine Rotors, Wind Solar Hybrid Systems

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