His research is concerned with fundamental and applied turbo-machinery design and development and its application to air-breathing engines of civil as well as military aircrafts. Particular focus areas are aerodynamic design and analysis of axial flow turbines and compressors. His research is predominantly experimental but includes theoretical as well as numerical studies, often in collaboration with other groups across the labs.

A key element of his research, spanning nearly a decade, is the study of leakage flow losses in the rotor-stator gap generally called as rim seal purge flow in a large scale rotating rig, and its influence on the performance of this turbine stage. Apart from this He is involved in the small gas turbine design and development, wherein a single stage high pressure turbine was designed and developed successfully.


Research Interests

Gas Turbine Engines, Design and Analysis of Axial Flow Turbine for Gas Turbine Engines

Computational Fluid Dynamics – Steady and Unsteady

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