Karthikeyan’ s principal field of work deals with study of jet noise and its control. His other research interests involve flow diagnostic techniques, flow controls and aeroacoustics. He has also worked extensively in the area of low-speed aerodynamics and low-Reynolds number flows.

His work mainly attempts to leverage non-intrusive flow diagnostics techniques to characterise complex flow field and relate them  to the noise generated. An image mapping technique developed by him integrates digital image data obtained from various advanced on-surface flow diagnostic techniques (like PSP and oil-flow etc.,) on to a single geometrical grid platform. This allows one to visualise complex on-surface flow field from different dimensions all at once to appreciate the underlying physics.

An interesting application of his interests in the field of aeroacoustics is the development of an algorithm that  detects the hit accuracy of supersonic and subsonic projectiles. Derived from the principles of aeroacoustics and gas dynamics, this work, forms the core of a target training system.

His recent work (also his doctoral research topic) focusses on aeroacoustics of impinging jets especially like the ones encountered in during the lift-off of a launch vehicle and its mitigation.


Research Interest(s)

Jet aeroacoustics, Impinging Jets, Non-intrusive flow diagnostics for low and high speeds, Low Reynolds number Aerodynamics.

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