Mr. Karthik presently working as a Senior Scientist at NTAF, has an M.E in Aerospace Engineering.  He is mainly involved in high speed wind tunnel testing activities at NTAF.  His contribution mainly focuses on understanding the High speed aerodynamics of various aerospace vehicles through wind tunnel experiments.  He has worked in wide range of measurement techniques like force and moment measurements, Steady pressure measurements, unsteady pressure measurements etc in the field of external and internal (experimental) aerodynamics. Some of the special type of projects he was actively involved in are pitch up alleviation for a typical combat aircraft, installed load measurements on typical missile configuration, store separation studies for simulating the trajectory on missiles, intake characterization studies on aircrafts and missiles, Pitch damping derivative characteristics of a typical aerospace vehicle etc.  He has developed and implemented various state-of-the-art algorithms for Data analysis.  He has domain knowledge in CFD simulations and comprehensive analysis using Low fidelity and High fidelity solver.

Research interest :

  1. Intake aerodynamics

  2. Store separation studies on missiles

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