Kamali’s research is concerned with flight simulation, navigation, parameter estimation and airdata calibration. Works for national projects such as LCA, SARAS, MAV, AMCA, Mirage. Her research on estimation has been practically applied on LCA Tejas. The technique developed by her for aircraft attitude estimation is implemented  LCA. The technique enables: gravity vector aiding, low speed recovery control laws.  Recently she has developed algorithms based on Kalman filtering for LCA airdata calibration and to ascribe accuracy of the airdata system. Using this technique the LCA airforce, navy and trainer airdata tables that go on the air data computer of the aircraft are updated. She has also worked on the LCA simulations and wake vortex clearance studies. She has developed the open loop 6 DOF simulation model for AMCA and NAL-Micro Air Vehicles. She has developed the Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Micro Air Vehicles. Recently a variable stability simulator is delivered to the Test Pilot School, ASTE, Indian Airforce. She developed the aircraft models and the optimization techniques for performing variable stability behaviour of the aircraft. She is also a team member that developed a desk top simulator which is delivered to IISC, Aerospace department. She is presently developing algorithms for Flush Air Data Systems. She is a  CSIR Raman Research fellow for the year 2016-17. She teaches the PGRPE students of the ACSIR.


Research Interest

Aircraft simulation, Parameter estimation, navigation and Airdata calibration,algorithms for FADS.

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